Denny’s Hobbit Menu – Truly unexpected

I’m sorry to report that various Denny’s have already closed their “Hobbit” themed menu. 

Truly unexpected, since their promotional “Hobbit” menu, as of 14th January, is still being advertised on the website and at the Denny’s restaurant I’d visited. 

The worst now behind us, we ventured forth to a 3D showing of The Hobbit. 

Gorgeous movie! 


4 Responses to “Denny’s Hobbit Menu – Truly unexpected”

  1. I had a breakfast meeting at Denny’s last week, and the one here was still serving from the Hobbit menu.

    I haven’t partaken of either.

  2. Guess Denny’s has gone the way of the Gold Globes…silent. Glad you enjoyed the real thing – did Caspurtle get dizzy in the 3D & 48 frames/sec virtualization?

    • Oh! You can’t go wrong by taking pumpkin as a cure for dizziness. And Denny’s has the perfect pumpkin recipe: Pumpkin Pancakes, with a pumpkin creme topping :d

      Thus fortified, Caspurtle did not encounter any dizzy spells πŸ™‚

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