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Clifton’s Cafeteria

Posted in Caspurtle on 2011/02/21 by CasperMcFadden

At Clifton’s Cafeteria magic might not be in the food (okay, I gotta admit, there’s a bit of it in the desserts), however, what most delights is childhood memories and the woodland kitschy setting.

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lassoed the moon and the stars

Posted in Caspurtle on 2011/02/05 by CasperMcFadden

..and served at The Griddle Cafe.

“Red Velvet” panCAKE – swirls and swirls… “The Golden Ticket” – for the dreamers of dreams…

Okay… it’s an indulgence. But hey, I worked hard this week 🙂

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Update 07Feb11:  btw, a friend recently asked what the subject line “lassoed the moon and the stars” had to do with pancakes.  Well… nothing really.

But it is about perfect moments. Perfect moments with friends…