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taco (pronounced /ˈtɑːkoʊ/)

Posted in Caspurtle on 2011/01/30 by CasperMcFadden

There are many variations of a taco but there is only one My Taco.

(bottom row-carne asada fries, barbacoa de borrego, borrego taco, diablo &  coconut cupcakes)

The specialty of My Taco, Barbacoa de Borrego, is my personal favorite.


Required Eating – Pink’s Hot Dogs

Posted in Caspurtle on 2011/01/22 by CasperMcFadden

Hollywood Icon

Long lines

Great hot dogs

Friendly staff

I find Pink’s Hot Dogs irresistible.  I enjoy the allure and the history of the place and I also enjoy the lines and the camaraderie that develops as we wait.  Plus, I simply like their hot dogs.

Yes! We Have No Bananas

Posted in Caspurtle on 2011/01/09 by CasperMcFadden
Yes! We Have No Bananas
Audio Length: 3:12 

A favorite recipe compilation by @EndlessSimmer – 100 Things to Do with a Banana.