Poet’s Walk

And what, Socrates, is the food of the soul? Surely, I said, knowledge is the food of the soul ~ Plato

Poet’s Walk (7th and Figueroa) is a collaborative collection of public art exhibit created  by artists and poets.

Portals to Poetry.  Steel, bronze, and found objects, 1989


George Herms (artist)
Charles Simic (poet)

Corporate Head.  Bronze, 1990

Terry Allen (artist)  Philip Levine (poet)

The Public Abandons PhilosophyPigeons Acquire Philosophy. Bronze, 1990.

David Gilhooly (artist)  Robert Mezey (poet)

Once there was a forestWalk Earth Talk /  Natural InstinctsPuddlesOverall


2 Responses to “Poet’s Walk”

  1. There is something Jane Austen-ish about this.

    Appreciate your taking us along with you in heart!

  2. coffee_offline Says:

    Tis gold, not bronze…poultry in no-motion, spurtle-whipped eggs, head-in-wall burial, and eerie footsteps, chalky footsteps, like a pavement artist framing his art.

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